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Give Learning

$132 supplies a half hour of language development skills, as children learn through PBS Kids on MPT programming and activities.
give 132 now or 10 a month

Give Arts &Drama

$395 puts a quality 90-minute production into living rooms, providing a front-row seat to world-class music and drama.
give 395 now or 30 a month

Give Laughter

$76 provides a full hour of laughs, supporting MPT’s Afternoon Tea British comedy lineup.
give 76 now or 6 a month

Give Discovery

$66 funds a 10-minute segment of discovery on programs like NOVA, Nature and Outdoors Maryland.
give 66 now or 5 a month

Give Exploration

$106 paves the way for in-depth exploration, 24 minutes delving into issues that matter -- on PBS NewsHour, Frontline and MPT's own robust current affairs lineup.
give 106 now or 8 a month

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Your year-end contribution is vital to keeping your favorite shows on MPT. Sustained giving lets MPT put more of your gift back into the programs you love. Monthly gifts are automatically charged to your credit card or check card without you ever having to receive a paper reminder. Thank you.

Your generous contribution supports your favorite programs and services from Maryland Public Television. Donations are earmarked for a general support fund that allows MPT to acquire, produce and broadcast the types of programming you enjoy most.

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